Where is Atlantis?

January 17, 2009

atlantis-alliance Indeed, where is it?
The biggest alliance in the world, made up of some of the biggest countries, like USA, Romania, Sweden,Spain…Can you tell me?You can’t, can you? No, because everything we’ve seen in the past weeks has been all about PEACE.

Let’s face it. Atlantis has lost initiative since the war in France, which was lost part due to internal frictions and lack of communication, and part because of the lack of strength from the participants. Since then, a long list of defensive battles, some which were lost, have destroyed the faith in this alliance’s might. The resistance wars in Sweden, Romania and Norway were signals that Peace is better organised and much more active than Atlantis.(talk about an offesive alliance;). Not to mention the war in Argentina, which was a big setback for Atlantis, as it lead to the loss of an ally.

The only proactive move made by Atlantis, that was quickly condemned by all, was the beautifully planned move against Russia, made by Romania with some help from its allies.
(BTW: I would like to personally thank all of our allies that have stood by us in both the war with Hungary and the RW in Western Siberia: the proud and mighty polish and croatian people, and our traditional and close allies the swedes)
In spite of this, Romania has been blamed even by its allies, such as the americans and brits. I don’t understand why. Hey, if they are happy just living between their borders and isolating themselves, and just being 2-clickers, that’s fine with me. This is a game, and it should be played like what it is, not like some utopia:)

Speaking of utopias, i have recently read some of the articles in the US, UK and Canadian media. the Canadians have some economic problems and they are reorganizing, the british have some political arguments. One very voted article in the US is about quiting Atlantis and making an English speaking alliance:)) More about the American issues, from its own president in here:


In short, while PEACE has been preparing for 6 simultaneous Resistance wars, the atlanteans had no plan, no idea,and for most of the part no intention of reacting. Why aren’t we doing the same? The Romanian led RW in Israel was not supported by a coordinated Atlantis effort and thus had no effect in the world balance.
Some of our allies need to wake up and realize that they cannot isolate themselves, and need to stop complaining about some principles of freedom and stuff. If you want to be powerful, then you must act accordingly. Foreign relations have little to do with principles and phylosophy and more with interests and goals.

The solution?I don’t know, and it’s really not my job to find it. However, I do hope that this will be a signal for all the leaders to sit and talk about this alliance, not with grudge or personal feelings, but rather as professionals and representatives of nations.


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