USA’s Allies, and her True Enemy

January 18, 2009

Recently I wrote an article about the USA’s Past and Present for my last assigned article as Press Secretary. Today we bring you a follow up. We read that the USA’s main problem is the inner conflict, the constant division that plagues our country. We must fix that, take a look at the problem, it’s source and all possible solutions. Today, I bring you answers.

USA’s Allies and us
There has been a buzz around the USA as to why we really stay in ATLANTIS. Well, I’m here to explain everything. Firstly, we are an Alliance! You all should know that if there was even an attack on our own soil, our allies would be there to help us. Just the same, we’ll be there to help our allies, because that’s what they are, regardless of what they do. As a person who’s had access to the ATLANTIS forums and sees what goes on there, armed with this knowledge, I can assure you, we are in very able and stable alliance.

Now we may have had our own internal problems, but I’ll touch on that later. We must all realize one key thing though, the USA is strong. We are a very valued member of ATLANTIS, make no mistake of that, and any possible plans or grumblings of leaving shouldn’t be an issues. If we do actually leave, we’re only digging a hold for ourselves. We are the United States of America, and if we can’t live up to that name, we’re only going to cause ourselves trust issues internationally and lose a lot of credibility, so lets not even go there.

More importantly, being in an alliance makes us strong. It provides great defense from foreign invasion and also adds a great dynamic to the game. The USA would not be stronger on it’s own. Don’t get this mixed up as a statement that the USA needs ATLANTIS, but that we benefit from being in it, and they benefit from our presence as well. Despite the fact that many of our plans are kept secret, it’s a necessary precaution. While we fully advocate transparency in our government, there are some secretes that are meant to be kept quite as it is sensitive information. That in mind, you can trust the people you elected to lead, so lets stop the internal conflict and let the leaders do their job.

Enough patriotic crap, here’s the real issue facing us now…

Our True Enemy
Now I could get really deep here and say that our true enemy is ourselves and the inner conflict that we create, but the real answer is so much more simple than that. Our true enemy is PEACE. Now while inner conflict and the problems that we generate are a hassle, it is nothing compared to what PEACE does to us. if we really want to look to the source of our all problems, we’ll find PEACE, even with the inner conflict.

If people have been paying attention, PEACE has constantly tricked people into doing what they want. They have a habit of pointing the finger at us whenever we’re in conflict. To them, we’re always at fault, even when they’re wrong. They do this so smoothly that it creates our internal issues, here’s a great example. When Atlantis declared war on France, Peace cried foul as it was an attack of unwarranted aggression for senseless conquest, Imperialism at it’s worst. They did this hiding under the cloak that “Peace is not an aggressive alliance” and people listened. in effect people from Atlantis listened, the ones easily swayed. Once that happened, the inner conflict started. Once Peace twisted the words, and turned their enemy against themselves, their job was done. But no, they weren’t done there. After Atlantis started bickering with themselves, them came out of their cloak and started their own “senseless conquest war” against Argentina.

So we see that PEACE is really at the heart of our own conflict. To make it worse, this conflict is what’s restricting us from advancing as a country, much less an alliance. If you really think about it, I mean really think about it, Peace is the one causing these problems. Why do you think they made sure the resistance wars in Germany were a success the day before peace negotiations were supposed to start?

The Answer is Obvious
With PEACE being the heart of our problems, what do you think the solution to our inner conflict is? Ironically enough, Peace is. Lets stop complaining about what’s wrong with us, lets take action. Lets focus our energy on fighting with Peace, not with ourselves. We’re not the problem, Peace is, so isn’t it about time we Unite as a country and alliance to stand against a common enemy?

The Choice is yours America,

Chose Wisely
-Uncle Sam-
Press Secretary


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