Fun time in the New World

January 19, 2009

It was a chilly Sunday afternoon in the northern hemisphere of the eRepublik world. The researchers were checking a few political statistics concerning the latest congress elections. When suddenly the economic analyst from the team received a notification. One of his tools that is used on a frequently (every 6 hours) base to check the status upon major economic indicators provided some interesting information. There was 8% more gold in the market!

Knowing that the amount of gold usually increases by less than 1.5%, it was pretty sure that something went bad in the last 6 hours. The analyst quickly shared this news with the rest of the researchers and the team started applying the actions planned for these type of cases:
– find out the weak spot, close the module until it will be fixed;
– find out the snakes (that’s the name he gave to people that were using exploits), restrict their access to the New World and take away their wealth.
– check the snakes transactions, donations, actions and any connection that they might have with other citizens (others might have gained a part of that undeserved wealth and these types of transactions are canceled).

The analyst and his colleagues managed that night to take out 90% of the gold created. The rest was blocked in the accounts or companies of the banned snakes. Further investigations are to be done, as tomorrow will be a really busy day.

Have a great week,
The eRepublik team

LATEST UPDATE: Researches found out that the benefits obtained due to this weak spot, were gained only for a few hours. All the actions realized in this time-frame were analyzed and most of them were reverted. Other transactions involving large amounts of Gold that occurred in past were already analyzed and actions were taken against the snakes back then. Also, the team of researchers consider resetting eRepublik the same as pressing the nuclear bomb button, which isn’t fun at all.


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