INDONESIAN TOP SECRET: The Truth Why Indonesia Won in WSR

May 17, 2009

9815ebf689ffe8e98c705925c6451c22_150x150 I am very disappointed to read the media articles that accuse Indonesia win with cheat.Ok, may be there are some people who use fake weapon q5 . But admin added 220K wall for the compensation right?
I recently read an article saying that Indonesia has thousand remote control citizens WTF? It is big slander. Indonesia has big secret weapon which they used in WSR. It’s not a fake gold or a fake weapon. It’s not remote control citizens. Do you want to know? Ok, I will tell you the secret to you all why is there a lot of citizen with under 50 damage can continuously attack the wall. This is the reason

!. Do you know that shortly after the attack Indonesia, Indonesian Database Bureau immediately mobilize 4000 citizen who truly native Indonesia in RL. We send email, sms, phone to them all. Everything we can to invite them join battle. We use our RL money to do this. May be the millions of rupiah. After all of our hard work suddenly there are some people who say that their robot? WTF …

Did Romanian do this? I’m afraid not.

2. Our culture, the nation is a nation that has a very high sense of solidarity. In Indonesia we always share everything: golds, weapon The rich businessman share q1 weapon to the low strength citizen. That’s why you saw a lot of under 50 damage in WSR war

Did Romanian do this? I’m afraid not

3. Soon after admin add 220K wall, (the admin does not do when Atlantis using a fake golds at Sardinia) Indonesian President command all of eIndonesian people to do PUPUTAN WAR–800135/1/20
Puputan War is till the end of blood war. We use all of our wealth such as gold, weapon, wellness. Everything we have to this war. This is Indonesian tradision long time ago when we fought again colonialism.

Did Romanian do this? I’m afraid not.

4. Do you know? On 11.00 ereptime, one hour before the end of war, in Indonesia at that time 11 pm , most people were sleeping.What we did? We wake up more than 1000 citizen. In Indonesia our traditon is to help another, even it’s difficult for us. Hundreds of them wake up and listen to the call to go to the war. Some one who had gold share gold. Have a weapon share weapons. This is our culture. Indonesia RL culture

Did Romanian do this. I’m afraid not.

5. We have been saving for the war is far day since WSR 2. We are working hard save money to this war.
Did Romanian do this? I’m afraid not

May be you will ask how we can do this? This is the answer.
1. We have the database of native citizen of Indonesia. And at this time there are 4325 people registered. Many citizen are unregistered yet.
2. We spend hundreds and even thousands of sms / phone to contact them
3. It is very easy to collect hundreds and even thousands of people in Indonesia. We have 230 million inhabitants.
4. We have a high nationalism in both the RL and in erep. Although consisting of dozens of tribes, we still together. Our slogan Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity)


Look at the picture. We can gather much people in one time.

Look at yourselves Romanian. How about fake babies farms in WSR ?
It’s like you can’t see elephant in front of your eyes, but you can see ant in distance places.

After reading this I hope you all can concede your defeated. Not from a remote control account. But from 13K Indonesian citizen, and also all other members of Peace.

I’m sorry about my bad grammar.

Tulisan kiye isine lebay kabeh …
Ora percaya ya geblek
Apa maning nek percaya lewih geblek
Karepe lah…

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