Remote-controlled citizens

May 17, 2009

I know that a lot of you like maths. So we’ll do some calculations today. Just for fun.

Let’s take Jimmy as our subject for today: Jimmy is a new-born citisen of the New World. He’s a peacefull guy so he decided to join PEACE GC in the beautiful country of Indonesia. He is only 1 day old so all he has to do for now is work and train everyday… oooh, and buy food, of course.

Okay, now let’s fast forward a little: one month has passed and Jimmy is now an experienced user of erepublik. All that training gave results, his strenght is now aprox 4.50 ( a few more days and he will earn his first super-soldier medal ). Also, because of working in a Q1 weapons factory, his manufacturing skill increased dramatically – it’s aprox. 4.00. Hell, he’s so experienced now that he could almost produce enough Q1 weapons to sustain his daily battles. With those weapons in hands he could inflict 100-135 dmg in a battle. That’s not much but you know what they say: “every little bit counts”.

Indonesia is a big country and like any big country it gets many new citizens daily. Jimmy is just one of them. Maybe other peacefull guys have also joined ER, the same day that our subject Jimmy did. So, if they were as active as our little guy they would have the same skill and strenght now. Imagine 3000, 5000 or even 10 000 Jimmyes. If they are very active and disciplined and fight all in the same battle they can inflict 300K, 500K or even 1M damage. WOW, that’s SOME FIREPOWER !!! Can that influence the decision of one single battle ? You tell me…

Okay, that’s it, our imagination exercise is over for today. Now for some REAL FACTS:

– admins have found a script that controlled 3000 citizens – remote controlled citizens that worked, trained, bought food, fought and used hospitals afterwards, and all of that automatically – that’s the reason they deleted 220K from the WSR wall;

– during the battles of Podolia and WSR we could all notice small hits from low-strenght soldiers: 20-40 dmg/hit. The strange thing is that they never stopped, it was like a continuous flow. The wall was going down slowly but surely.

– in this article Zoli states that “In the past 2 weeks Hungarian and Indonesian armies combined inflicted daily 300K more damage than Romania. Romania had 17.500 citizens, Hungary and Indonesia had a combined 26.300 citizens. This made the difference.” It sure did. I can’t argue with that, of course they did more damage, otherwise we would have not lost. It’s simple maths, isnt’t it ? 🙂

This was only an exercise along with some simple calculations. My erepublik experience has tought me that saying bad things about “The Gods” may get you struck by lightning so I leave the conclusions up to each one of you.
Feel free to say what’s on your mind.


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