The war the eUS cant afford to lose

May 17, 2009


“Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.”
-Gore Vidal


The other day we lost a big one. We took a big gamble in attacking the Far East Region and well it didnt work. Once again the might of America was block by a wall of Peace MPP’s. Time and time again peace has proven they can beat us with a well planned and coordinated alliance. However this is not the only battle the eUS lost the other day. We lost a battle of equal importance and significance. We engaged in a propaganda and information war and lost.
The day after the battle two of the top five articles in the eUS did not originate from eUS citizens. Instead they were by PEACE members, one was by Gladdos the Russian President, the other was by Arthk a prominent Portuguese citizen.


Countries in PEACE such as Hungary and Indonesia are great at propaganda. Often these countries have more than one article in the international top five. Why? their countries are mobilized PR machines. Their citizens are well informed and know where and when to look. Furthermore before and during every major operation PEACE citizens know what to do and are less susceptible to being tricked into wasting their fights. The final aspect of the strength of PEACE’s media strength is their ability to do what they did they other day, write and vote up articles that damage our moral.

So what can we do?

Well first off the President and more importantly his current and former press secretaries, have done a fairly good job at having at least one article daily to keep Americans informed. However this is not good enough for us! One of the biggest problems I see with our country is that we have people who are essentially blind to what is going on. The problems we have had with people fighting on the wrong sides of RW’s and not knowing where to fight. The responsibility for America’s blindness is two sided. The Government has to keep trying to do more to keep everyone informed about what is going on. However the citizens of our nation have to be willing to be informed. This means we have to try to end the “oo shiny button’ syndrome. When people sign on they need to know that the first thing they do is not click on the button to go fight in whatever conflict is going on. You the citizen need to know you need to look through top five articles and shouts by various officials before you go off and do your thing.
The second aspect to our media battle plan needs to be citizen action and engagement. If you look through the articles in the top five they are littered with PEACE comments. In fact in many articles there are more comments by PEACE citizens than eUS citizen comments. It is your job as a citizen to stop this! You have to be willing to not only fight peace with your Q1 weapons but with your words and comments!

To sum everything up here is what you can do if you want the eUS to win this media war.
1.) Dont be a mindless player, read shouts and articles! Know what is going on!
2.) Government keep your citizens informed! Secrecy is important, but so is an informed populace
3.) Beat down PEACE propagandists with your patriotic comments!
4.) If you have a lot of subscribers then write informative articles to keep the populace knowledgeable and the PEACE propaganda out!

-Gaius Julius
Federalist Party President
eUS army LT. 1st division 7th platoon


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