Welcome to Hungary

May 17, 2009

Dear new citizens of Hungary!

I see from the reactions and articles that nobody yet properly welcomed you to Hungary. It is a shock to loose a battle for the place you lived, to wake up under a different flag, reading an alien language in the papers, seeing the ongoing battles from the other side. Many of you have already left and I do not expect you to stay either for long.

But while here, be welcomed.

I see that many of you advertise economical sabotage as your purpose here. It will result in Romanians not hired by Hungarian companies, therefore sabotaging your own – and it will mean no Hungarians working for your firms, therefore you losing workers which further damage Romanian economy. If that is the way you want to go, you can – it really has very little effect on our economy.

Please note that Podolia lost its hospital in the battle and therefore if you plan to stay, you should move to a region that has Q5 hospital – the government seemed not to have decided to put down a new hospital. Our Q5 hospitals are in: Central Hungary, Southern Great Plain, Northern Hungary, Western Transdanubia

As for newspapers, please feel free to write in Romanian – many of us can read it either directly or with google translate. We would welcome if you included a short summary of the article in English, but it is not required. Please note that Hungarians do not always provide such summary either, although it is a growing habit that we do indeed propagate, as we have other foreigners staying in Hungary, like our PEACE aliies. It goes without saying that nobody can write in a language that he/she does not speak.

As for elections, please feel free to enter any race, and try to vote your candidates. It might even be successful and you get representation, who knows. I watch this race with interest, for now it seems to me a bit unequal.

But good luck in Hungary anyway!

And btw the #rom-hun chanel on mibbit still exist for any who wants to talk


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