A farewell to arms

May 21, 2009

C589d9fffd52e2ae921482a4e522a936_150x150 Dear citizens of the ATLANTIS memberstates

This is the last official ATLANTIS letter that will appear, ATLANTIS is no more. Romania and Sweden have gone one way, UK and USA another. 2 days ago a final meeting has been held, some things where said there and the end of ATLANTIS was concluded.

I want to describe the last few days of ATLANTIS without going into too much detail for you, as I think everyone has the right to know how a alliance like ATLANTIS came to its end.

Exactly 1,5 months ago the Swedish President (at that time) Algeroth approaches me with the proposition to start negotiating the allowance of Germany to ATLANTIS. Seeing as Sweden has always been opposed to letting Germany join ATLANTIS, I was joyed that the nations had finally made peace. Germany joined ATLANTIS, furiating PEACE and soon it was attacked. As we were involved in other war zone’s like Romania, not many countries did actually send much troops to the AGU. With the result of AGU falling to PEACE and Germany losing its peacefully merged regions in Austria. Germany did not mind that. They were happy to join ATLANTIS and keep its original regions. After all this time, I think it’s fair to say we neglected the Austrian regions a bit and could have done a bit more effort for them. But what’s passed is passed. The elections passed an a new Swedish president was elected. In the mean time, the situation on the Romanian-Indo front was changing. Indo simply out-cheated us by far. I’m not going to deny some ATLANTIS citizens didn’t used cheats coz then I’d be lying, but the simple fact is that Indo was just better at it and did it on a bigger scale. Admins have confirmed it and although I will get reactions from PEACE citizens on this, they know that if we are honest with themselves, it’s true. PEACE out-cheated ATLANTIS by far. This was the first sign of the crack in the ATLANTIS armor and I fully blame the e-republic admins lack of responsibility and lack of competence for that.

I want to add btw, now that we are open about everything, that in the entire life of the ATLANTIS-project, not once the use of cheats was promoted or shared. 3 times AIS spy’s brought in cheats and exploits found on enemy forums and each time we unanimously decided to report those to the admins. Which is exactly what happened. Hence why I have always been so proud of the alliance for its stance against cheats.

But back to my story. As I said a new president was elected in Sweden. Algeroth was imo one of the most competent ppl I’ve ever seen in ATLANTIS. A funny, intelligent and mature guy, always prepared to help out and choosing diplomacy over war. A typical example of how a e-president should be. The new president, kaleholm, did no posses those qualities. After being in ATLANTIS for 1 month as a passive member, Germany applied to become active. This would enable them to help in military operations and become more involved in ATLANTIS. Most countries had no problem with that, although Germany hadn’t helped much in the past (how could they, they where A) only a passive member and B)they just joined.), it did send some of it’s forces to Romania to help out. Above that, the Germany public elected a pro-ATLANTIS president after years of being under the reign of DKN and co. Some great, warm and friendly Germans like Starkad, Nolan, Isy,… showed up on the ATLANTIS board and showed that Germany was doing great. Then things started changing…. Suddenly Sweden notified me they wanted to attack Germany. Only one month after that very same Sweden had proposed to let them in btw.

So just so you all can grasp the hypocrisy of this situation I’ll write it again: Sweden proposes Germany to ATLANTIS with lots of pooha of how they are best friends now=> Germany joins ATLANTIS, loses all it’s Austrian regions for us but does not complain=> one month later that very same Sweden (under presidency of kaleholm) wants to kick Germany out and invade it!!!!!!

The reason for this attack: “The Swedish ppl are bored and some guy contacted me to write an article about e-rep in a RL newspaper. With a war we will draw more ppl to us”. So basically our little Swedish president is getting a little attention horny and wants to get his head in the newspaper so Germany has to die.

We proposed all kinds of plans to solve this in a diplomatic way ofcourse. We proposed that Sweden would make a path trough Germany all the way to the Netherlands, invade them and then give back the german regions. Germany had no problem with that, but the Swedish didn’t wanted that. Everyone would help with this plan and it was brilliant. It would have a been a perfect plan for a great war where everyone would come out happy but the Kaleholm didn’t wanted that. Like a kid that didn’t get the Pokémon he wanted, he held his leg stiff. “no Holland, I want Germany”.
Here are some of the plans Loewy (polish president proposed)



Sweden then proposed to hold a vote to kick Germany out of ATLANTIS. As several of the other countries didn’t wanted to go this far and first give priority to diplomacy, I was asked by Scrabman (and many other presidents supported this) to put the vote on hold until this situation would have been resolved.

Me still thinking that a peaceful solution is always the best way forward and that Sweden was actually prepared to negotiate, I putted the vote on hold. Several countries proposed to moderate this negotiation for something else, but Kaleholm kept his leg stiff. He wanted Germany and would get Germany. Fuck the others.

Okey, so we kept on negotiating. Searched for other solutions. Not one worked out well. Until kaleholm proposed the following to the Germans

—————————————- —————————————- ——————
This is Sweden’s offer to Germany to repair our tarnished relations:

Sweden will be granted the following regions permanently: Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg, Lower-Saxony, NorthRhine-Westphalia. Also, if Sweden later on requires, Rhineland-Palatinate shall be transferred to Sweden.

Germany will pay Sweden 200 gold per month in 6 months. This sum of gold is only a deposit and will be paid back to Germany after the 6th payment from Germany with 200 gold each month until the sum is paid back. If a RW is started in any of the Swedish-German regions and the region is lost, the deposit will forever belong to Sweden.

If any of the Swedish-German regions is lost to Germany they are obliged to return it to Sweden.
Germany will not be a member of Atlantis. However, they will be under Atlantis’ protection.

You’ve got 24 hours to come up with a answer, 00:00 18/5 2009.

Kalle Holm
President of Sweden
—————————————- —————————————- ——————

I first thought this was a joke when I first saw this. 200G every month?!?!?!?!?!? How can a country like Germany ever pay that. Even a child knows that a country like eGermany isn’t capable of paying that! Above that they had to give away 1/3th or their territory!!! What sane president would ever agree with such therms? All that for protection? What are we? The mafia???? I seriously got that feeling after I read that proposal. “What is basically said was: you give me every month 200G and 1/3 of your country and you’ll get our protection. Otherwise we’ll destroy you.“

ATLANTIS has always been an organization ruled and government with honor, dignity and respect for all. The proposal above has neither one of them. I would find it mocking and even insulting to be send such a proposal. And I’ll be dammed if I ever would let the alliance turn into some e-crime organisation. Above that, with the strategic retreat of Romania to their original regions, there was much confidence in the ATLANTIS armies anymore.

I would like to add to this btw that what Romania did was a brilliant move. I don’t know who proposed it to retreat to the original regions, but it was a great move. The PEACE propaganda machine immediately turned it into “ATLANTIS is losing” and “Romania has thrown in the towel”. But this is far from the case. Romania still is military seen the most superior nation in e-world. They just got, as stated above, out-cheated by PEACE. Once these bugs are fixed, or Romania found a way get on the same level as cheating as Indonesia, the true power of Romania will be seen again to the world and WSR will be in their control again. Do not make the pathetic mistake to think Romania is dead. It’s far from dead. It’s taken positions and is waiting,… waiting for a chance to get back to the superpower it was 3 weeks ago.

Where was I? … ah yes. Sweden attack Germany. Germany had and MPP with the UK and USA. Both countries saw the proposal given by the Swedes and immediately felt that it was an immoral, insulting and ridiculous proposal. Hence many citizens stood by Germany in this fight, despite our Presidents saying we should remain neutral. Romania and Sweden saw this as treason (like we can control our own citizens) and after some talks, some words fell and the US official Eugene Harlot left. I was personally accused by Romanian and Swedish officials because I’ve put the vote on hold. I do not regret this action, nor do I feel that I acted wrong. I did what I was asked by other presidents and I acted in the beliefs that a diplomatic solution could be reached, unaware that the Swedish president was only out for war.

So that, the story of the end of ATLANTIS. I hold 2 ppl to blame for the end of the ATLANTIS-project.

-Firstly the Admins and the e-rep team for making a game that is so filled with bugs and so focused on profit that they have totally lost control over it. If it weren’t for the incompetence of the Admin team Romania would have now been in Indonesia.

-Secondly Kaleholm, Current president of Sweden, for his persistence in going to war with Germany, knowing (and several times warned) in advance that it would destroy ATLANTIS internally.

I am sad on one part. I would had always imagined that we would last for many years and eventually would die in an epic battle against PEACE. I’m glad that ppl like Zocky(fail), Dish, Collins and those other ATLANTIS-haters won’t get the honour of bragging that they brought down ATLANTIS. Since it isn’t PEACE that destroyed us. No, we destroyed ourselves internally. PEACE has had no hand in any of this.

I myself feel that I have failed towards Meiko, the previous SG of ATLANTIS. She gave me a wonderful, strong alliance and although I have done everything I could and feel that I have no blame in this situation, I feel sad that now that she is back, I cannot give her a proud, wonderful and strong alliance back. I am sorry Meiko, I have honestly tried everything I could. I’ve done my best, gave countless hours and countless long evenings for this alliance, as did many others. I know I’ve done everything I could for ATLANTIS and I have no regrets as SG whatsoever. I want to thank everyone that ever believed in ATLANTIS and kept believing in it and what it stood for, for their support. I want to thank PEACE for their great battles (though not for the last one) and I want to thank all the presidents and who did everything they could in these past 2 weeks to keep everything together.

I want to thank the Romanian citizens for all the great wars they gave us. You truly are worthy of the title “military supernation of e-world”. There is no country stronger, military more sophisticated then you guys. I’m convinced that in a few weeks you’ll have WSR in your possession again and that Romania will be the supernation of before again. The world sees you as warmonger, but I have learned that Romania has some very friendly, very funny and very intelligent ppl in it’s country.

I also want to thank the USA. Always ready to help out the weak. Whenever someone is in need, the USA marines are only one PM away from action. The ppl on the eUSA forums have totally destroyed the bias I had about Americans dumb fat warmongering retards. I have now seen what a great ppl the USA really is. You guys hold the title of giving ATLANTIS my 2 favorite presidents of all time (Justinious and Scrabman). I thank you for your long lasting support to ATLANTIS and your hospitality on your forums.

My thanks also goes to Sweden. Probably the ally I’ve worked with the longest. Even when I was president of the UK during the Northern Alliance I’ve always loved working with the Swedish ppl. You also where always ready when you where need. You did the second most damage in the Romanian battle. For a country your size, that is incredible. Algeroth was a great president and so where the presidents before. Always putting the benefit of the alliance before that of the country. That’s how I will remember Sweden. Shame that your last president hadn’t learned that lesson. And probably the greatest asset (after the hot blonde Swedish girld with C-cups) of all: You guys have Misho!!!!!!! I’d, give all the gold our treasury for a Misho in eUK 😀

Norway. Such a shame about the TO a few months ago. We did all we could to prevent it but we ended up just a little bit short. We also go way back. All the way since the NA. I remember working with forconin back in the old days. The damage done in the battle of WSR, the first time we attacked was amazing! (65K on foreign soil is über for a country the size of Norway) Thanks for your support over the last year.

Finland with it’s Erwin!!! Remember all the laughs we had on the forums? Thanks for your support over the past year Finland. You truly are a great nation.

Spain. I loved working with you guys. We had a blast during French toast, didn’t we? I loved how every election you feared the French over and over again with TO attempts. Boy, you guys where great! When Spain goes in the offence, you can be dam sure about it that they do it properly!! Muchios gracias espagnol!

Poland. Working with you guys was awesome too. Crc and Loewy are great guys who given allot time to ATLANTIS and the ATLANTIS cause. I worked with Crc in AIS and he has always been a very competent person. Thanks for you support guys.

Canada. Great country with great ppl. You guys fought awesomely in France. Thanks for all you’ve done for ATLANTIS our time together.

Croatia. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that out of all of Europe, the Croatians are by far the funniest. I’ve had a blast of a time with Roby, kokach and the others, joking around about Zocky(fail) laughing on the IRC but when the time of need is there, there’s no better guy have your back then a Croatian. Thanks for the support, I’ll miss our great times.

Greece and Israel. I am glad that the last proper action of ATLANTIS is to free some of your regions. You’ve been trying to get those back now for so long and I’m glad that is partly done. Makoulian is a great with a superb intel service. I’m sorry we couldn’t complete the job and free all your regions, but who know, in time that might work. I hope that people will see this action liberation of Greece and Israel as ATLANTIS’s last action and not the invasion of Germany.

Bosnia & Herzegovina. Though your time in ATLANTIS was short, I do wish to thank you for choosing us. Thanks guys and I hope your country has a magnificent future ahead of you.

Germany. I wish to apologize for what happened. You gave up your union for ATLANTIS when you could have joined PEACE and remain intact. There is no greater proof of loyalty then that. I am truly sorry for what happened, but I hope and wish that you will be able to shake of the Swedish attack.

UK, finally. The Country I’ve always e-lived. Always morals first, always criticizing but yet always warm to welcome towards new ppl. You know how I feel about eUK so I won’t spend more wall of text on it then I already did. But just know that you are great that and that I am more then thankful for all the support over the years.

Further I want to thank everyone, all the former presidents, all the former MoD’s all the former MoFa’s, intel directors, SG’s and SC’s, all the former economy advisors and basically everyone who’ve always kept believing in ATLANTIS, what it stood for and It’s principals. To you all I say “hail!!!” I also want to thank PEACE for all the fun we’ve had. I will never forget opp French toast, it was one of the most epic moments in e-history, as was the battle in WSR.

All that rests me to say now is that I just hope, that the Citizens of PEACE and the ATLANTIS-haters, will show some respect and dignity for the all the people that have put so much of their time and effort in this alliance and would refrain from posting anti-ATLANTIS slogans.

Signed for the last time as

ATLANTIS Secretary-General



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