[ATLANTIS] What happened

May 21, 2009

In the past few weeks i learned to respect shadow and his work as SG, but there are some facts that are not quite objective.

First of all, ATLANTIS died not because of Romania, that is the biggest insult and lack of respect countries like UK and USA can show to allies. As i pointed out in previous articles, both UK and USA vented publicly that they are in search of new allies as Romania is now down, and doesn’t want to fight. The normal reaction would have been to give support to a friend in need, but USA and UK decided to act in their own interest and state they want to become neutral.

Moreover, SWEDEN is not guilty for what happened. Sweden just requested germany’s status shall be reevaluated in ATLANTIS. Avote should have started 18 days ago, but our SG failed to start the voting, becuase USA and UK demanded to postpone the vote. There is no such thing in the ATLANTIS treaty. Due to this Sweden decided to atack 3 days ago Germany, as they felt germany once again betrayed them.

Even before the atack, what did UK do? Threaten that they will support Germany, Come again? They threatened an ally, an ally that stood there for last 6 months? That is just unbelievebale. Also remember all the leaking of info from ATLANTIS-HQ? Guess who was responsible? A UK representative, his name: gokujones, MoFA untill 2 days ago.

The truth is UK and USA were in ATLANTIS because they felt weak and needed allies like Sweden, Romania, Croatia, Poland and so on.. Their population was always against European side, they always hated Romania, they always called us imperialists and so on. They needed this alliance, they were never trully part of it.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some people like saradroz, kumnaa, scrabman, eugene harlot, leroy combs who did so much for ATLANTIS and so much for their countries. Too bad they are not representative for their population, they are too good for their own people who fail to see apst their ignorance.

Both UK and USA congress denyed a peace with Sweden. Moreover, USA closed the training war in Rhode Island so they can fight on Germany’s side. This actions are a clear act of aggresion against Sweden, and Romania as ally will treat them as aggressions.

In conclusion: ATLANTIS died because there were 2 different groups, UK, USA , Canada on one side and the North-Eastern block+Spain.

No hard feelings, i think the death of ATLANTIS is for the best. I perosnally wish good luck to USA, UK and Canada and i hope they find allies and friends that have the same vision with them.

UPDATE Romania: Romania is continuing its non-combat campaign, population is issued to fight for wellness or help Sweden.


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