Erepublik world map day 548

May 21, 2009

Hallo Everyone,
I am happy to announce that the new country and regional feeds have been released!!!
Thank You Adrian!

Here is the erepublik world map updated/

These are the effects of the new feeds:
Region owner, region population and region constructions (hospital/defense) are back to normal! This means they will be updated 1-2 times a day (one click) and should always be accurate!

Also the region neighbors are now visible!
If you hover over a region, that region is highlighted as it was before and in addition the neighboring regions are highlighted as well!
This way it is easy to visualize the current errors and problems with region neighbors and borders and to provide the correct information!

-All additional information is still provided by aVie, who is currently working on his database as well. This means the still missing information on North Korea will be added soon.

I hope everyone enjoys this update.
I for one am happy to finally have everything that once worked back to normal!

Best wishes


One Response to “Erepublik world map day 548”

  1. Apomonomenos Says:

    I’m having a bit trouble zooming in, can ya help me out, mate?

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