How to treat your allies according to USA

May 21, 2009

*I do not speak officially for anyone but me, especially not the Swedish government.*

The proposal by the American president Scrabman to establish peace with Sweden was rejected by the American Congress yesterday. By that simple action, USA have decided to betray Sweden, and we, Sweden have been allied with USA for a very long time, and I mean a very long time. We have over and over again proved our will to establish a healthy friendship with USA, and they’ve gladly accepted our good deeds, but when it comes to such a simple thing as helping us back, by doing absolutely nothing, by staying neutral, you can’t do it.

Is this the way to treat your allies, USA? Tell me.

I will probably never know if the American Congress voted in terms with the will of the people that they represent. If they didn’t vote in terms with the people’s will, I ask the American people to reconsider who they vote to represent them. And if they did vote in terms with the people’s will, I ask the question; What kind of people are you to betray your allies in such a way? Perhaps it is ignorance or just mere stupidity.

I have received information that there will probably be a second vote for peace, and this time it will pass in terms with the Atlantis agreement. But still, you’ve shown us your true side today and I’m extremely disappointed as a citizen of Sweden. I know that the American people as a whole usually is against war, but I had no idea that you were capable of betraying your allies like this. We have not asked of you to fight the war for us, remember that.

Also, whatever arguments you have against this war, you can find the answers here. I might also add that Germany never was a part of Atlantis, therefore we were never allied with them.


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