Open letter: field marshal után legyen a következő rang a generalissimus!

June 29, 2009

I suggest that the rank after field marshal let the generalissimus be.

The suffix -simus in the word generalissimus means the superlative. The word means “general of the generals”, “supreme commander”. Such a rank was in not many countries, tipically in the very militant, dictatoric states. Generalissimi were (or has himself called) Cesare Borgia, Wallenstein, Chang-kai Shek, Franco, Stalin, Pinochet. The generalissimus was the supreme commander of all the armies of the state, subordinated only to the sovereign (or he was the sovereign himself).
I have written an open letter in the forum:
Please, vote this article and sign the open letter!
Or if you don’t trust tinyurl (I had to use it because of the # in the URL), simply copy the forum link from here:


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