eRepublik History 2007-2009

September 11, 2009

—Year 2007—

18 may 2007 – eRepublik laboratories are on. The tests for eRepublik are starting, anyone cand register as beta-tester.
4 july 2007 – The laboratories closed because the 100 tests are finished.
20 nov 2007 – eRepublik appears in BETA version.
21 nov 2007 – the game has 200 users. First 20 citizens from each country get 50 gold.
28 nov 2007 – after only 8 days of eRepublik the number of citizens reachd 1000.
1 dec 2007 – for the first time in history are eRepublik’s general election.
10 dec 2007 – the number of parties of eRepublik reached 10.
14 dec 2007 – production of gifts is lanuched.
15 dec 2007 – USA president – Korbin King (now is dead citizen) is founding the first bank of erepublik: Federal Reserve Bank
21 dec 2008 – there are over 7500 registered users after one month, more than 600 companies and 111 parties in 43 countries.
25 dec 2008 – every citizen get +10 wellness from eRepublik team

— Year 2008 —

1 january 2008 – general elections for the second time. Iran becomes the first ecountry to adopt monarchy, havong Koroush as emperor.
11 january 2008 – Ireland is working to create the first constitution of a country in eRepublik.
15 january 2008 – The firs alliance: Northen Alliance; the members: Norway, Russia, UK and Ireland
23 january 2008 – Iran becomes the first country to adopt national anthem
1 february 2008 – for the first time, british presidential candidates had the same number of votes at the end of elections
27 february 2008 – Norway leaves Northen Alliance and signs a MPP with Sweden.
17 march 2008 – the first marriage between 2 romanian citizens: Cristesco and elena.coman.
30 march 2008 – First meeting in RL of eRepublik citizens; location: Bucharest.
2 april 2008 – Russia becomes the first comnuist country of eRepublik
4 april 2008 – Romania is uniting with Moldova
10 april 2008 – War between Belgium and UK. Slovakia attaks Czech Republic, the war is won by Czech Republic.
11 april 2008 – Indonesia attaks Australia.
16 april 2008 – Israel is wiped of the map by Turkey. Pakistan decides to expand it’s territories, first target: India.
18 april 2008 – Australia it’s conquered by Indonesia.
6 may 2008 – Norway conquers Russia, becoming the largest country of the game.
10 may 2008 – the second marriage of erepublik, between 2 spanish: Zhughe Liang and Allyena.
11 may 2008 – France and Italy declare war to Switserland. For the first time 2 countries declare war to another country at the same time
13 may 2008 – Switserland loses the war
4 may 2008 – Romania attaks Ukraine, official reson: Romania demands some historical regions.
17 may 2008 – Ukraine loses the war
1 june 2008 – Czech Republic is attaked by Hungary.
10 june 2008 – Slovenia appears in eRepublik
13 june 2008 – Alucard Bloodlust becomes the first general, fighting for USA (USA had MPP with south africa) against Indonesia
25 june 2008 – hackers appeard. They broked the following: USA president and Admin. Problems were quickly solved.
1 august 2008 – first TO in eRepublik hostory and the first romanian RO.
22 august 2008 – A new alliance: ATLANTIS – founded by ex-membersof Northen Alliance, (excepting Ireland) 2 new countries from Pan American Alliance and 2 countries from Mediterranean Sea Alliance. A few days after the alliance was founded, Romania attaks Hungary. This war was the biggest coflict in eRepublik history, concerning alliances: ATLANTIS vs. PEACE,
26 august 2008 – PEACE allaince was founded. It had 14 members.
28 august 2008 – the first World War.
12 october 2008 – eRepubliki is not working: major updates for Wiki,
14 october 2008 – the version 1 (V.1) apears in eRepublik.

— Year 2009 —

4 january 2009 – Finland and Croatia become members of ATLANTIS
19 january 2009 – eRepublik is shut down for 2 hours. The admins found certain persons who exploited bugs to create tens of thousants of GOLD
11 february 2009 – Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Serbia are borne as new countries in eRepublik
3 march 2009 – Ukraine joins the war for PEACE and Romania for ATLANTIS.
10 march 2009 – South Great Plain and Southern Transdanubia go back to Hungary after those 2 regions belonged to Romania
11 march 2009 – Bosnia and Herzegovina is borne in eRepublik
31 march 2009 – Serbia declare war to Croatia. Romania declare war to Ucraine
1 april 2009 – Romania declare war to Iran and Pakistan
2 april 2009 – the War World III begins.
5 april 2009 – Hungary attaks Northen Hungary(it belonged to Poland), then Central Hungary(it belonged to Romania). North West Province(a region from Russia) is conquered by Romania. Poland try to attak Galicia(territory occupied by Romania)
7 april 2009 – Urals and North Caucasus are conquered by Romania after the president of Norway retreated his soldiers. Romania attacks Tibet and Sichouan. Romania, member of atlantis, continue to attack Norway invading Volga Vyatka.
8 april 2009 – Romania enters indonesian territories, and attacks Jammu and Kashmir. Romania keeps the Northern attack continuous – West frontier, region belonging to Pakistan,
11 april 2009 – Dnipro remains under Romanian occupation, romanians also winning Indonesia’s Northern and Western regions, going straight on for Punjab.
12 april 2009 – Romania attacks, again, North West Frontier.
13 april 2009 – After they conquer North West Frontier, romanians attack Punjab and Balochistan.
14 april 2009 – Romania conquers Balochistan and Punjab
15 april 2009 – Romania declares war to Indonesia by attacking Sindth.
16 april 2009 – After conquering Sindth, Romania mouves on By attacking Indonesia in Gujarat.
18 april 2009 – Ukraine doesn’t succede in conquering Maramures region, and a resistance war starts in Zaporozhia, teritorry of Ukraine under romanian occupation
19 april 2009 – While romanians secure Urals region against russian attack, they loose Tibet and Quinghai.
20 april 2009 – Indonesians are continuing the attack against Romania, invading Gujarat, after the lose of Sichouan region.
21 april 2009 – Jammu and Kashmir regions are given by Romania to pakistan. Pakistan and Romania become allies
23 april 2009 – Romania looses North Caucasus to Russia while attacking Maharashatra (Indonesia)
24 april 2009 – Having Gujarat, Romania also wins the battle for Maharashatra, and attacks Qinghai.
25 april 2009 – Romania occupies Qinghai and holds on to Urals and East Siberia against Russia, Jiangsu against China, and Inner Mongolia. Once again Russia attacks Urals.
28 april 2009 – China attacks Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu, territories occupied by romanians, while Russia looses he war for Urals region.
29 april 2009 – Indonesia attacks Romania with reconquering Andhra Pradesh region as an objectiv.Russia fails to succede one more time winning Urals and Central Black Earth regions back.
1 may 2009 – Romaniasecures Urals and Eastern Siberia. Hungary Invades Volhynia, opening by this manner A corridor to Polisia, Romania, after wich it conquers Bukovina. Brasil succesfuly invades Kwazulu-Natal, Indonesian Regio, and indonesia attack Gujarat, region controled by Romania.
3 may 2009 – Hungary wins the war against Romania getting Northern Basarabia, following to attack Siberia. Iran attacks North-West Frontier Province, Romania
7 may 2009 – Romania secures Central Black Earth region Against Hungary. The president of Moldavy, basar_somnez removed from his place.
8 may 2009 – Indonesia win the battles for Guangdong, guizhou Zhejiang and Fujiang, territories formaly occupied by Romania, and keeps on going by attacking Guangxi.
12 may 2009 – Hungary attacks Zaporozhia(Romania) after being unsuccesfull in conquering Donbas.
13 may 2009 – Indonesia attacks west Siberia (Romania), Starting the greatest battle in all eRepublik history. That’s because Indonesia started other resistance wars in Southern Basarabia (Romania), Polisia (Ungaria), Siveria (Ungaria), Chhattisgarh (Indonezia), Jiangxi (Indonezia), Hubei (Indonezia), Shanxi (Indonezia), Fujian (Indonezia), si Hubei (Indonezia). China attacks Eastern Siberia
14 may 2009 – PEACE Alliance wins over ATLANTIS
15 may 2009 – After they conquer Zaporozhia, hungarians attack Taurida (Romania).
16 may 2009 – Hungary invades Taurida and Indonesia invades Eastern Siberia(Romania)
17 may 2009 – Hungary invades Urals.
18 may 2009 – after Basarabia, hungarian soldiers march for Chisinau and Southern Basarabia.
19 may 2009 – Chisinau and Southern Basarabia are conquered by Hungary.
10 june 2009 – Bolivia, Columbia, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay are added as new countries of eRepublik.
20 july 2009 – Today andmins announce introduction of citizenship.
23 july 2009 – Romania attacks Podolia (Ukraine)
24 july 2009 – Romania attacks Bukovina
29 july 2009 – Citizenship is introducted.
5 august 2009 – The war against Canada starts. (last territory – Ontario).

*Note – Translated by Roman Cristian

Thank you, fLucian .


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