Face 2 face – eRepublik famous characters around the World – Part 8 [EN]

September 11, 2009

This article’s purpose is to make us know each other a little better.

Omae resurrected as HEXAGON Omae, eRomania’s most representative character, famous for his 6 lifes!!! A very sarcastic eRomanian pamphleteer, with an unique style. He reached Media Mogul in very short period of time in his 2nd life, with his program ‘From zero to Media Mogul’. He has founded AIR army in his 2nd life, and was active member of AI party (Anarhistii Ipocriti). His expression ‘Hai sictir!’ is already famous. I don’t think any eRomanian can imagine their society without Omae alive. He’s already part of our history and our folklore.


What’s the meaning of his name? Omae: ’Was my nickname in high school, from my brother, who read ‘Never-ending stories’, and there was a character: Wizard of O-me-san, from a Japanese fairytale, but my brother used to pronounce it ‘Omae’. When I was in high school, I made a jump ‘Omae’s Jump’, and I fell down. The real wizard was making many tricks, and I wanted to be a little wizard as well.’
How he joined eWorld? ’As any online games addict, I’ve read about this game in BETA, when you could join only by invite, but when I decided to join, was already the 3rd day from V1.’

Feherlofia Koppany, 2 times President of eHungary, member of the Hungarian government for a long period, during his presidency he developed the eHungarian army to the level which is now well known in the eWorld and reopened the Romanian front.He’s ex-Vice-President of eHungary, ex-President of the eHungarian Congress, 2 times Vice-President of the eHungarian Congress, one of the founders and 5 times president of the second largest party in eHungary, KARD, which party gave eHungarian President five times in 2009, Supreme Commander of PEACE, until the fall of New Jersey and Madrid during the North-American campaign of the alliance, 3 times Media Mogul.


What’s the story behind his name? Feherlofia: ’Feherlofia means Son of the White Horse, who is a Hungarian tale character. His story was created by composing elements form the ancient Hun, Avar and Magyar mythology. Koppany is a Hungarian historical character, who was fighting for the traditions of our nation against the Christianity and western culture thousand years ago, but at the end he has fell in a battle with his opponents. I created my nick with the merging of these two names.’
How he joined eWorld? ’One of my friend linked the map of the occupied Hungary to a mail list. I had found that interesting and registered to the game.’

Reina Borg, ex-President of eArgentina (the only Argentinian President that was never impeached!), chief of the Argentinian Army, ex-MoD, one of the negotiators that close the arrange with Indonesia for the returning of Pampas and Patagonia to Argentina in February, she had a few EPIC discussions with TexMurphy for the returning of Mesopotamia (in Brazil and Argentina everybody remembers that), participated in the organization of the first PEACE WarGames that they had in Argentina and Chile and she’s the coordinator of the second PEACE WarGames that`s taking place in Latvia – Lithuania, eWife of aban, 1st Argentinean woman to reach FM.


What’s the story of her name? Reina Borg: ’Reina Borg (Borg Queen) is a character in Star Trek. She is the queen of The Borg Colective, a half humanoid half cyborg race that dominates a part of the Galaxy. Their goal is perfection. Yes I’m a scifi geek.’

How she joined eWorld? ’A friend invited me. He left the game long time ago.’

She added: ’The internal joke is that in Argentina you are not a real president until someone puts an impeach, so, I wasn’t a real president :D’

Don Agung, ex-President of eIndonesia, rank 20 in eIndonesia.


What’s the meaning of his name? Don Agung: ’About my nick name on eRepublik, actually it doesn’t mean anything. The story is, when i registerd for eRepulik i was kindda confused to name my citizen. But suddenly i have in mind Don Agung, i think this nick name is kinnda cool coz it sounds like italian godfather :p’
How he joined eWorld? ’I was invited to join eRepublik by a friend of mine, but after a few months playing eRepublik he decides to retire.’

Geokos, Minister of Defense in eGreece, he was the commander of a military group, also Minister of Health, and supported his friends, the eCroatians, when they were being attacked by eHungary (PTO period).


What’s the story behind his name? Geokos: ’Geokos comes from the initials of my first name, George and the first three letters of my last name.’
How he joined eWorld? ’ One of my friends invited me to the game. Unfortunately, he quit the game because he joined a captured area and he got disappointed. Since eGreece is free now, I am trying to convince him to return to the game.’

rikwandi, ex-President of eIndonesia, eIndonesia MoD.


The meaning of his name. rikwandi: ’I dont think my name has a special meaning for the game, it’s just simply my last name.’
How he joined eWorld? ’I joined eR because of a very “persuasive” ad, advertised in one of the most well-known Indonesian forums. The content of the advertisement was about a plan to invade eAustralia, haha… Who couldn’t resist that?!! :p’

blink-az resurrected as Ond3L, was President of eIndonesia, the Indonesian National Bank Governor, and one of the greatest soldier of the eWorld, he was elected as the mayor of the largest region in Indonesia, Jakarta. Party President of the biggest party in Indonesia (IDS), Minister of Economy, 1st FM in Indonesia and the 2nd in eWorld, 1st person who implemented eLottery, one of the most successful eBusinessman.


How he joined eWorld? blink-az: ’I joined eR from the early beta.. I guess its around December 2007.’

StiH, 3 terms President of eSlovenia during which their population has tripled. He has been Slovenia’s MoD for one term and one of his country’s representatives in the Peace Security Council; he started the liberation of Austria from AGU by firing the resistance war in Carinthia. He’s now Minister of Labor, Welfare and Education, trying to keep as many new players in the game as possible, he was the first Slovenian with the rank of General.


What’s the story behind his name? StiH: ’This is my online nickname for about 15 years now and it’s combined from the first three letters of my first name and the capital H stands for the first letter of my last name. It also means “verse” in most Slavic languages, but people commonly mistake it for word štih (when I started using internet, character standards weren’t what they are today, so we wrote all our special letters without “decoration”), which is a Slovenian slang word for a knife (hence the knife in my avatar).’
How he joined eWorld? ’A group of players from Slovenian Hattrick community joined in march-april 2008 to build up eRepublik Slovenian community in Austria, since Slovenia didn’t exist back then. We probably represented some 90% of Austrian population then, but that quickly changed when a large group of Italians from NGI forum joined us and started a fight for domination of Austria.’

A. Holst, ex-President of eDenmark (the only Danish president ever to be impeached), made a very successful eTV station, was active in the Danish resistance against the Swedish occupation of Denmark, founded the Danish state religion, participated in the creation of the Danish constitution, he wrote an article claiming to sell Denmark in response to the admins doing too little against corruption and PTOs.


What’s the meaning of his name? A. Holst: ’The story of my name is simple, it’s my real name, shortened of course, my full name is way too long to be my eRep name.’
How he joined eWorld? ’Well I was playing another game called Miniconomy witch is about economy and a bit of politics, I was most interested in the politics parts and a friend in the game said that he was playing a relatively new game that had a bigger focus on politics and asked me if I wanted to join, I said yes, he send me an invite and on the 8th of April 2008 I became a citizen of eRepublik.’

Arthk, 4 times President of ePortugal (President when Spain first attacked Portugal), he`s been MoFA of Portugal many times, he’s now PEACE SG for the 3rd time, was PEACE vice SG for like 4 mandates, Media Mogul.


What’s the story of his name? Arthk: ’It doesn’t have any story at all, I use it since the very beginning and I don’t remember how the hell I got it. Started using on another games and people started to know me by it, so I didn’t even bother changing it.’
How he joined eWorld? ’My real life brother chichorro invited me to the game.’

Will continue.


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