From eUKRAINE: Open Letter To Our PEACE Allies

September 11, 2009

During the last 3 months 3 different Hungarian presidents have promised the return of our regions Dnipro and Siveria. We actually had a deal in place with one of these presidents and lost 150 gold due to his inaction in holding up his end of the bargain.

We have been a loyal member of PEACE and have always helped when asked. Unfortunately, when we ask for something we are generally ignored or told we do not have time for your problems. We are very grateful for Hungary’s helping us regain most of our territories and always will be but it seems that the last step of totally freeing the rest of our territories is not one they are willing to take. Three months of promises and broken agreements make it hard to believe that this will occur.

As a member of PEACE we are asking for our remaining regions to be returned to us. Dnipro is an important symbol as it is our capital region. Having it under the control of a foreign nation, even though it is an ally, is degrading.

All we are asking is that what was promised us be returned.


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