USA attacks all neighbouring countries

October 6, 2009

I just want to make something clear, I’m not accusing anyone around here, I’m just pointing out a few coincidences about the recent hackings and making a few connections, this isn’t an article that contains evidence, it just contains a few facts.


The US president Gaius Julius has just attacked the countries that US is neighbouring, including Portugal and Mexico, both with whom the US has Non aggression pacts with, except, there’s one small problem, it seems like it wasn’t the US president that attacked these countries and broke the contracts the US has made with them, it was actually a hacker. Gaius’s account was temporarily banned by the admins it seems, as they’re looking into the case to see if it was really a hack, this is perfectly normal thing to happen in any online game where your account get’s hacked, so it’s a good thing that admins responded fast.

Although hacking is part of any online game, and it does occasionally happen to different citizens, a president’s account being hacked is very unusual, because most hacks happen either when a citizen has an easy to guess password ex :123456 or if they fall for misleading messages that claim to be from the staff, asking for your username and password to verify god knows what. Occasionally, some people do fall for these scams or get their passwords guessed, but of course presidents usually know the game well enough and are weary of the security of their accounts.

Unfortunately, todays news is much more troubling than just a simple hack, it’s much more troubling because it’s not the first president that get’s hacked, Sebahmah, the president of Romania until last month was also hacked. Here are some facts for people that don’t know

– both the US and Romania are part of the same alliance(kind of) and they’re the strongest countries that fight against PEACE
– both are PEACE’s mortal enemies and they would just love to see these 2 countries destroyed
– both accounts were hacked in consecutive months
– both accounts were hacked on the last day of their mandate, which is the elections day
– both accounts when hacked were used to activate MPP’s of the countries that they neighbour

simple coincidences? I think not !

These can’t all be coincidences, unfortunately it’s beginning to get clearer and cleared that Sebahmah’s account wasn’t randomly hacked like some claimed to be because his password was easy to guess, I think it’s now pretty obvious that the accounts really were “legitimately” hacked.

When Sebahmah was hacked, I wrote an article about it, I said that people shouldn’t start blaming PEACE for the hackings because it could’ve been anyone, I support my previous claim, it just seems like the connections suggest that the party involved with the hacking might just have something against EDEN countries, I’m not saying it’s PEACE, we can’t know that for sure, all I know is that I just don’t believe it was a coincidence that out of all the countries these 2 were the ones hacked. Also, judging by the MO (method of operation for those who don’t watch shows with cops :P) it seems like it was the same person. This is troubling news, and I really hope the admins find a way to catch whoever did this, because no matter how much PEACE and EDEN despise each other and no matter how much they want to see each other going down, cheating is not the way to accomplish it, and it takes all the fun away from the game, the hackers might think it’s funny, but I doubt the rest are very happy about this. Now we have to wait for admins to make a decision and hopefully close the wars and the MPP’s




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