How to use Hospital in Erepublik V1

October 11, 2009

NOTE: The hospital can be used only after fighting. Take care how many times you fight as not to lose too much wellness if you’re thinking of your productivity.

There are two ways of using the hospital after you finish fighting:

1. Click on the flag of your country in the left sidebar and in the society tab, scroll down until you find the region you live in and click on it. If you don’t know what region you live in, you can just take a look just below the “society” tab and it will be written there.

Now, after you entered the region statistics, depending on the country activity and strategy of defense, you can see the Hospital with different star ratings, representing the level of the hospital, and a HEAL button. Click on it and you are healed. You can check the wellness in the left sidebar to make sure you followed the steps correctly.

2. After you decide to enter a battle and click the FIGHT button once, twice or as many times as you wish, Click the BACK TO BATTLEFIEND button, and then the HEAL button just above the fighting statistics of the wall.

This will take you to the region statistics and from here, you can follow the instructions in 1.

NOTE2: If you have more questions, just leave a comment and you’ll have it in seconds.


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