Need an advice on how to play eRepublik? Or are you just simply in search of a game strategy to win more cash or gain military ranks?  Post your situation here and more experienced users will try to figure it out for you.

Debates are allowed, in order to find the most appropriate solution for any of your requests.


3 Responses to “Ask for advice”

  1. George Phecond Says:

    Hey, i would really like if i could get an ivitaton to Erepublik. im George Phecond from israel


  2. neagoebt Says:

    Hello, George. You have been sent an invitation! Please tell us how you like the game.

  3. adeyemi odedina Says:

    please i need this due by tonight

    i have a project on erepublik and i need some help

    topic: wars tend to be good for nation

    i need points supporting this thesis as well as data… can be gotten from comparing inventory of companies before and afta being conquered..things like dat..

    also the benefits of war on wining team… in relationn to inventory gold..etc

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