It seems that the era of peace is over. A new mega alliance appeared, risen from PEACE’s ashes and burning bright as the mythical Phoenix. This wind of change has brought the world to war, continent versus continent, country versus country, neighbor versus neighbor; invigorating the global economy. Ironically, the era of peace brought economical crises, while death and destruction have brought short term prosperity in certain countries. Will inflation and poverty replace this blood lust prosperity?

After this month’s presidential elections, the new national goals set countries and armies on the path of war. Presidents and army commanders array their forces and unleash them against their prey; some countries will rise and others might disappear from the map. The bold goals some countries have set (Romania to conquer Heilongjiang, Hungary to conquer half of Romania, USA to conquer London, etc.) have fueled the global war machine. Read the rest of this entry »


I constantly see people – typically newish players – asking why we are not vigorously seeking the return of Washington and Alaska. They want Washington and Alaska back immediately. Here’s why that’s wrong:

We are now involved in the Sol war games, so low wellness and missed experience points are no longer an issue. It is much cheaper to participate in war games – the cost is shared between all countries – than it is to attack Washington, which currently costs 124.5 gold.

We don’t need Washington and Alaska for the raw materials they contain. Sure, Alaska has high oil, but Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Illinois also have high oil. Washington has high grain, but Kansas, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota also have high grain. California has high oil and grain, which is why we have a Q5 hospital there.
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I just want to make something clear, I’m not accusing anyone around here, I’m just pointing out a few coincidences about the recent hackings and making a few connections, this isn’t an article that contains evidence, it just contains a few facts.


The US president Gaius Julius has just attacked the countries that US is neighbouring, including Portugal and Mexico, both with whom the US has Non aggression pacts with, except, there’s one small problem, it seems like it wasn’t the US president that attacked these countries and broke the contracts the US has made with them, it was actually a hacker. Gaius’s account was temporarily banned by the admins it seems, as they’re looking into the case to see if it was really a hack, this is perfectly normal thing to happen in any online game where your account get’s hacked, so it’s a good thing that admins responded fast.

Although hacking is part of any online game, and it does occasionally happen to different citizens, a president’s account being hacked is very unusual, because most hacks happen either when a citizen has an easy to guess password ex :123456 or if they fall for misleading messages that claim to be from the staff, asking for your username and password to verify god knows what. Occasionally, some people do fall for these scams or get their passwords guessed, but of course presidents usually know the game well enough and are weary of the security of their accounts. Read the rest of this entry »

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Click for the STUDY III -> EDEN vs FORTIS vs PEACE vs AHA vs Sol vs Neutrals

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A chart representing the statistic’s result:



1. As you’ve probably expected, PEACE is still the MOST POWERFUL ALLIANCE in the New World with 431641,65 strength points
1.1. PEACE had a power decrease of 21493,829 Read the rest of this entry »

During the last 3 months 3 different Hungarian presidents have promised the return of our regions Dnipro and Siveria. We actually had a deal in place with one of these presidents and lost 150 gold due to his inaction in holding up his end of the bargain.

We have been a loyal member of PEACE and have always helped when asked. Unfortunately, when we ask for something we are generally ignored or told we do not have time for your problems. We are very grateful for Hungary’s helping us regain most of our territories and always will be but it seems that the last step of totally freeing the rest of our territories is not one they are willing to take. Three months of promises and broken agreements make it hard to believe that this will occur.
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I suggest that the rank after field marshal let the generalissimus be.

The suffix -simus in the word generalissimus means the superlative. The word means “general of the generals”, “supreme commander”. Such a rank was in not many countries, tipically in the very militant, dictatoric states. Generalissimi were (or has himself called) Cesare Borgia, Wallenstein, Chang-kai Shek, Franco, Stalin, Pinochet. The generalissimus was the supreme commander of all the armies of the state, subordinated only to the sovereign (or he was the sovereign himself).
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