The interview with Clopoyaur is the first in the series. We plan to do more of them and give players a chance to tell their stories for the whole community.


 Tell us a bit about your eRepublik character: when did you start playing, what is your Military Unit, what are the achievements in game you are most proud of.

I play eRepublik for more than 5 years now under the name of Clopoyaur, proudly leading FSR (Fortele Speciale Romane), one of the top10 MUs of the world for more than 3 years. In real life I am a 34 years old guy from Maramures, Romania but living in Bucharest for the moment. My nickname comes from the hat people are wearing in my region, a small hat that is called “clop”.


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B8ab784ec6fa39078cffe6ecbaff6f7e_150x150 This article is a long time in coming.

It seems, every time I approach a criminal element in the eRepublik world, whether it was the AFK when I was a Congressman in Bolivia, or the Theocrats yesterday in Japan, the same sentence always comes forth. It’s only a game, Arjay. Don’t take this so serious. You know we make this world interesting, if we weren’t here, you’d have no reason to get up in the morning. If you’re big and bad, Arjay, bring it, but stop the friggin’ whining.

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This article’s purpose is to make us know each other a little better.

Omae resurrected as HEXAGON Omae, eRomania’s most representative character, famous for his 6 lifes!!! A very sarcastic eRomanian pamphleteer, with an unique style. He reached Media Mogul in very short period of time in his 2nd life, with his program ‘From zero to Media Mogul’. He has founded AIR army in his 2nd life, and was active member of AI party (Anarhistii Ipocriti). His expression ‘Hai sictir!’ is already famous. I don’t think any eRomanian can imagine their society without Omae alive. He’s already part of our history and our folklore.

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“We will be anouncing this fully tomorrow but if interested you can find early details on my vblog: including a late night video from George and I.

The funds and angels investors experience will greatly help our efforts in develloping and launching V1 as well as give us the means to make your experience of Erepublik better and better.
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So, in light of recent events, and the tons of articles that have been put out regarding war and what the US is officially doing, here’s a bried (well for me anyway) run down as to those things.


First, I would like to say thank you to all the people that have voted for me, and urge everyone to do the same. As I have pointed out here, there’s ten perfectly good reasons that I am better suited for the position.
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Today we will have several updates on the war and how it has effected our economy in small examples. This is not a thorough exam, but just brief for each industry.


Yesterday and today we are starting to see our food market reduced due to the amount of people enjoying our healthcare systems in Honolulu. Apparently, they are buying our fine food as well. Food Training, in particular, has sold close to 450 units of food since the start of the war. We still need to look at exporting for those companies with huge amount of surplus, but things are certainly going in the right direction. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m about to start writing the full article that accompanies the interview. Here’s the full interview for you to browse through if you have the time. It took place over the course of two days, yesterday and today, and it was really good. This is gonna be a good one. I apologize for the odd spacing and messages like [Private eating room #1]: Dishmcds has left at 2:35 pm, but really, do you expect me to spend an hour going through it and editing it to look nice? This is raw data, I’m writing a proper article about it

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