It seems that the era of peace is over. A new mega alliance appeared, risen from PEACE’s ashes and burning bright as the mythical Phoenix. This wind of change has brought the world to war, continent versus continent, country versus country, neighbor versus neighbor; invigorating the global economy. Ironically, the era of peace brought economical crises, while death and destruction have brought short term prosperity in certain countries. Will inflation and poverty replace this blood lust prosperity?

After this month’s presidential elections, the new national goals set countries and armies on the path of war. Presidents and army commanders array their forces and unleash them against their prey; some countries will rise and others might disappear from the map. The bold goals some countries have set (Romania to conquer Heilongjiang, Hungary to conquer half of Romania, USA to conquer London, etc.) have fueled the global war machine. Read the rest of this entry »



Dear e- USA citizens,

I would like to congratulate USA,and all of you who are a member of E/F.
You made an amazing work,to be honest,we could not believe in our eyes,when the wall in Manitoba was +400k just 4minutes before the end,and in the begining,below zero,even against our great resistance.
The devastating effect of this battle became obvious very soon,Nunavut was still an epic (and not an easy at all) battle,but this one ended with -250k,and Alaska..we all know it,Hungary was too scared and gave it up without any resistance.
The 3.World War just have finished,and the just about to begin. Read the rest of this entry »

I constantly see people – typically newish players – asking why we are not vigorously seeking the return of Washington and Alaska. They want Washington and Alaska back immediately. Here’s why that’s wrong:

We are now involved in the Sol war games, so low wellness and missed experience points are no longer an issue. It is much cheaper to participate in war games – the cost is shared between all countries – than it is to attack Washington, which currently costs 124.5 gold.

We don’t need Washington and Alaska for the raw materials they contain. Sure, Alaska has high oil, but Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Illinois also have high oil. Washington has high grain, but Kansas, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota also have high grain. California has high oil and grain, which is why we have a Q5 hospital there.
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Dear Romanian friends!

We in Croatia are very proud of the support we got from our allies last few days and this way we want to thank you! Even though PEACE PTOed our country and have a majority in the congress (23:18) Croatia is not falling on our knees. They can change our taxes, they can try to kill our economy, but they can’t kill our spirit and our strong will. And thats why we are thankfull to you, allies and friends.

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At the 542 day of Erepublik, after “The battles of the 541st day of eRepublik”, everything started to go downhill in this game…

First it was false printed RSD in Serbia. As a Serbian president I’ve done everything in my power to prevent a disaster, and together with our Government:
– We published a WARNING article (named: CURRENCY CHEAT) to all Serbian players not to operate on MM since we noticed that false RSD were printed into game. Unfortunately Admins deleted this topic instead to prevent the bug being exploited. (so we had to publish new one but damage were done already)
We published topic on forum. An unknown amount of fake RSD was brought into game. ALL goods from Serbian market has been bought by fake RSD and Serbian economy is now ruined.
– We were demanding FIXING BUGS and ROLL BACK since Admins are unable to catch all fake RSD’s and fix things.
– We were asked by Admins to send any suspicious data we were able to find out, and I personally did it. As a result ALL PLAYERS Which had their offers on MM to sell gold were banned permanently (!!???). Even people who reported suspicious transactions from MM are banned!
– Only reason “why RSD?” and not some most valuable Monet at New World – we were suspicious at “Money Issue Law” started in Serbia during day 542. We reported this to Admins as well – no answer!
– Serbia is small country, but that’s not the point. Many players from all over the world, profit seekers – went to operate at Serbian MM when they saw that RSD is “going crazy”. Many real gold were bought by “fake RSD”. Many orgs are banned, people lost their gold and many RSD were withdraw from them – but that’s not even near the real sum of fake RSD printed into game… Some info you can read HERE. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to Hungary

May 17, 2009

Dear new citizens of Hungary!

I see from the reactions and articles that nobody yet properly welcomed you to Hungary. It is a shock to loose a battle for the place you lived, to wake up under a different flag, reading an alien language in the papers, seeing the ongoing battles from the other side. Many of you have already left and I do not expect you to stay either for long.

But while here, be welcomed.
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