Dear e- USA citizens,

I would like to congratulate USA,and all of you who are a member of E/F.
You made an amazing work,to be honest,we could not believe in our eyes,when the wall in Manitoba was +400k just 4minutes before the end,and in the begining,below zero,even against our great resistance.
The devastating effect of this battle became obvious very soon,Nunavut was still an epic (and not an easy at all) battle,but this one ended with -250k,and Alaska..we all know it,Hungary was too scared and gave it up without any resistance.
The 3.World War just have finished,and the 4.is just about to begin. Read the rest of this entry »


I constantly see people – typically newish players – asking why we are not vigorously seeking the return of Washington and Alaska. They want Washington and Alaska back immediately. Here’s why that’s wrong:

We are now involved in the Sol war games, so low wellness and missed experience points are no longer an issue. It is much cheaper to participate in war games – the cost is shared between all countries – than it is to attack Washington, which currently costs 124.5 gold.

We don’t need Washington and Alaska for the raw materials they contain. Sure, Alaska has high oil, but Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Illinois also have high oil. Washington has high grain, but Kansas, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota also have high grain. California has high oil and grain, which is why we have a Q5 hospital there.
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Dear citizens,

Yesterday a security vulnerability was discovered and exploited for a short while, before our engineers could fix it. By opening articles containing -comments, some citizens got their GOLD stolen and sent to some specific accounts.

The first measure was to “lock” the accounts receiving the GOLD, in order to prevent its spread across the world. Then, in a matter of hours we fixed the vulnerability to prevent this from ever happening again.
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NOTE: The hospital can be used only after fighting. Take care how many times you fight as not to lose too much wellness if you’re thinking of your productivity.

There are two ways of using the hospital after you finish fighting:

1. Click on the flag of your country in the left sidebar and in the society tab, scroll down until you find the region you live in and click on it. If you don’t know what region you live in, you can just take a look just below the “society” tab and it will be written there.

Now, after you entered the region statistics, depending on the country activity and strategy of defense, you can see the Hospital with different star ratings, representing the level of the hospital, and a HEAL button. Click on it and you are healed. You can check the wellness in the left sidebar to make sure you followed the steps correctly.

2. After you decide to enter a battle and click the FIGHT button once, twice or as many times as you wish, Click the BACK TO BATTLEFIEND button, and then the HEAL button just above the fighting statistics of the wall.

This will take you to the region statistics and from here, you can follow the instructions in 1.

NOTE2: If you have more questions, just leave a comment and you’ll have it in seconds.

We’re back

October 8, 2009

Dear citizens, We are as happy as you are to have the New World back online. As we have previously announced, the migration to a new cluster architecture has been scheduled for today. But in the world of informatics often things don’t work as planned. That’s why we have backups. What happens when your backups get corrupted? We got to find out the hard way! Huge corrupt data set (over 2 TB) combined with corrupt backups make for a long long day! Thankfully, our backups have backups, so our engineers managed to put everything back together. The New World is on the move again, but we would like to ask you to report any problems you might encounter, by submitting a ticket to our Report a Bug department. We’re watching and waiting to fix issues as they come in. Thank you for your support, The eRepublik Team

I just want to make something clear, I’m not accusing anyone around here, I’m just pointing out a few coincidences about the recent hackings and making a few connections, this isn’t an article that contains evidence, it just contains a few facts.


The US president Gaius Julius has just attacked the countries that US is neighbouring, including Portugal and Mexico, both with whom the US has Non aggression pacts with, except, there’s one small problem, it seems like it wasn’t the US president that attacked these countries and broke the contracts the US has made with them, it was actually a hacker. Gaius’s account was temporarily banned by the admins it seems, as they’re looking into the case to see if it was really a hack, this is perfectly normal thing to happen in any online game where your account get’s hacked, so it’s a good thing that admins responded fast.

Although hacking is part of any online game, and it does occasionally happen to different citizens, a president’s account being hacked is very unusual, because most hacks happen either when a citizen has an easy to guess password ex :123456 or if they fall for misleading messages that claim to be from the staff, asking for your username and password to verify god knows what. Occasionally, some people do fall for these scams or get their passwords guessed, but of course presidents usually know the game well enough and are weary of the security of their accounts. Read the rest of this entry »